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December 24, 2015

Sights and Sounds of Christmas

I’m up at dawn on Christmas Eve—
Last minute chores before the day.
Retrieve the gifts from hiding
And gather up the wrapping.

Pick out the perfect bow to match
Draw out the ribbon: scrape and tug to make it curl.
Extend the tape and cut it short against the teeth
All done at last! This year was fast!

Just one last check: is there enough
For breakfast meal on Christmas morn?
A quick trip to buy some more croissants
New bagels too: a crisis passed.

Start browning onions in the pan
Sweet Maillard action caused by heat
Add fresh ground beef and chicken stock
And crispy, crunchy celery.

At last the turkey’s in the oven!
Its delicious scent of rendering fat
Lies thick and permeates the air.
A few hours on: pop in the ’taters
Prepared with salt and wrapped in foil.
With melted butter: a tasty treat.

Open the door and check the temp
When nearly done, turn up the heat
To brown and crisp the turkey’s skin
Such intoxicating odour: double helping please!

Lift out the bird, drain excess oil
Prepare the roux and flour for gravy
Plus add a little touch of dairy:
Milk and grated cheese.
Unusual but oh so good!

Take out the fancy dinnerware
The china clatters; utensils clink.
Do we need spoons—is there soup?
Swans or hats? Hats it is!
(I don’t know how to fold swans anyway.)

The dinner procession can commence:
Cranberry sauce and scrumptious stuffing
Roast potatoes, garden salad
Our gravy sleigh used once a year
Welcome to our feast!

Christmas Eve in church is festive
With banners hung of all disciples
And manger scene across the rear.
The candelabras glow with light:
Their wax is dripping with the breeze.
O Holy Night resounding through
The wooden rafters high above.

The lights are shut for Silent Night
Hear hiss of flame as taper fire
Is passed along and down the pews.
The gentle notes, serene and pure
Bring thoughts of peace on earth.

Light flurries fall as we return:
The crunch of snow beneath our boots
We hurry back to get to bed
As Christmas day will soon be here.

The sun rays glint on fresh-laid snow
Santa came! the stockings are full
Rip apart the boxes; eat the candy
Roll Matchbox cars upon the table.

Now food: French toast with golden coating,
Sweet maple syrup drizzled on top
With scrambled eggs and clementines
All gobbled up lickity-split.

Time for gifts! hear paper crinkle
As it is torn with lots of laughter
The results are strewn across the floor:
A multicoloured spectacle.

Now it’s time to sing some carols:
Pass around the lyric books
The piano’s been tuned, so play along
And join together in happy song:

He rules the world with truth and grace
And makes the nations prove
The glories of his righteousness
And wonders of his love

He is light; he is love; he is grace
Born on Christmas Day

Posted by Isaac at December 24, 2015 1:55 PM