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February 20, 2020

Moments from a dream

Charlottetown airport sign.
Julianna leaving and going up an indoor sloped path. She hands me her coat with scarf to keep for her.

See Mom in the distance with Ba standing at the top of a landing, behind a waist-high wall. Both wearing purple Kanuk winter coats.

Walked up to them. Ba’s black hair covering his forehead. Unshaven — beard and mustache stubble visible.

“Hi Ba.”
Grunt “yeah”
“Do you want to talk?”
“Talk what?”
“Anything. ... You want to go somewhere? Expos game?”

Walking down stairs, with concrete walls all around (brutalist architecture style), like Place Bonaventure.
“Always like walking through train station with you, and downtown.”

Exit outdoors; expect St. Laurent Boulevard.
“Want to walk around and see how things have changed? I don’t really know though since I haven’t been here in a while.”
Walking along streets with lots of leafy trees, making lots of turns.

Emerge on St. Laurent. Neon sign on store saying Main (but it is on the east side of the street, rather than the west side in reality).
To the left there is a dead end of chain link fences. “It’s like that because I don’t know what’s there.” In other directions there are a lot of boarded over entrances. It feels kind of dark and enclosed.

Turn right and walk south. I say I remember there are some boarded up storefronts on St. Laurent. Looking for Schwartz but do not see it. Continue walking until the street ends at a building. Makes me think of Cours Mont Royal. Turn right: Mom is there.

“Did you see Ba?”
Ba is ahead. Go after him. Start to lose sight.

He turns right through a row of glass doors into a mall. Go in. Cannot spy his coat (was kind of aware his coat is actually maroon-brown). Keep going along. Cannot see him in crowd. “Ba? Ba?”
“Come back Ba. Mom is here. Ba?”

April 17, 2018

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